I can teach you how to sculpt your own or chisel one for you!!

I enjoy working with Alabaster, as it is one of the most gorgeous

and softest stones on the planet!‚Äč

Alabaster comes in many different colors.

I enjoy all of them but mostly I like the white stone

because it looks like a million tiny little diamonds

within the piece. It is stunningly beautiful!

Below the pictures is a little history of the sculpture craze I fell into!

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if interested in a piece I can sculpt for you

(or teach you to do it yourself).  

Here is a little history if interested.

I was 18 and needed to find a way to make enough money

to survive with my little baby girl.

When I first discovered alabaster, I fell in love with the stone instantly. Something told me I could really earn some good money if I just went with it. 

I saved $10.00 a week, and after 16 weeks, I was able to purchase a 25 pound alabaster stone, a couple of chisels,

a small dremel tool and a hammer. 

I looked at the small chunk of rock and almost instantly,

a vision came to me.

I envisioned a couple holding each other.

I took my chisel and hammer and began to chisel away,

beginning with the top of the heads first,

and then working my way down.

I worked on this piece each day for about 4 hours. After 2 weeks the piece was complete.

I sold it for $4,000.00

After that piece, I decided it was smart to create larger ones.

One piece you will see in the pictures was of two women.

I built a wood frame around their heads with dark blue velvet

wrapped around and stapled to the frame

to match the customer's decor.

One woman was a Neurologist (brain surgeon),

and her mother whom was deceased, was next to her in the piece.

This was a Christmas gift from her brother.

I sold it for $8,000.00. 

My investment in my company tools and art supplies grew.

When my customer presented the piece to his sister at a family gathering,

everybody in the room began to cry.

They stared at the piece, and carried it room to room with them,

even setting it on the dining room table for their Christmas dinner.

After that, my love for the arts grew even more.

So did the stone size.

In the picture you will see, I went from purchasing a 25 pound rock, 

to a 2,000 pound bolder.  

Because of being so young and financially difficult times,

I could not purchase all of the equipment that I wanted

and so eagerly desired. I even had to use an old dull knife

to assist with extreme detail such as the eyes, nose and mouth,

and held the knife like it was a pencil.

Still to this day, I have that same dull knife displayed above, as a memory of my growth -- blood, sweat and tears

of a young single mother, and starving artist.

It sure is odd to say in this fashion, but that knife, 

helped my daughter and I survive.