Have you always wanted to write a book,
but have no clue where to begin?

Look no further. I can help you.

Is your written draft complete? ​​Or, are you still thinking of the idea but cannot figure out

how to take what is in your head and put it on paper? 

Look no further. I can help with that too.

Do you have someone to illustrate the pictures for you?

Guess, what? I can do that too.

I have been writing and illustrating my entire life.
I know ALL of the in's and out's, and the do's and don'ts

of the industry by my own experiences for over 25 years!! 

Let my hard labor help save you years of research that will save you a ton of time and money!


How you present yourself before, during, and after

a new release of a new product is detrimental. 

For starters, it is crucial to have a great marketing plan in place

and to promote yourself like mad!! 

I will help you with a strategy to promote you, and your book.

I can assist you on how to be your own acting Agent

until you are established well enough to manage yourself. 

You will need to learn how to pace yourself,
taking the correct steps that will lead you into places
you never imagined yourself being. 

I will advise you how to get into retail stores, or even how to sell online in a very quick time

I can help you:

Lay your thoughts on paper.

EDIT your rough draft, 

DESIGN the layout of your future book,

ILLUSTRATE the pictures to go with your story,

PREPARE your story properly for the printers, and 

NEGOTIATE printing costs
that also fits your budget,

PRINT your beautiful and genius book, and

DISTRIBUTE your final product - therefore,

PUBLISH your very own book that will make you an