​​​"I just read a great book but that hardly explains the experience of the story I enjoyed because of the illustrations and the music created and composed by a consummate artist, Brenda McGrath. 

The book, The Eagle and His Beagle, deals with a deliciously inventive panoply of emotional interaction that demonstrates the power of love, loss and healing through friendship. This is a book that adults will enjoy as much as the children who hear it read to them by a mother, father, grandmother or grandpa. It not only entertains but teaches children the importance of being helpful to others." 

William Natale

Emmy-Award Winning Chicago Director

Director - ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC News / Chicago
Camera Operator - Phil Donahue
Camera Operator - Jerry Springer
Producer / Director of PBS Documentary Water Pressures 
Author of Woolly Wurm and 1968 - A Story As Relevant Today As It Was Then

"Brenda is a gifted and insightful artist who has the rare ability to capture the personality of the subject, and beautifully transmit it to paper. Her talents are reflected in each and every one of her unique masterpieces for the recipients.​"

David Luebke

Former President of City Council / City of Beloit

Former Educator Beloit School District, Beloit, WI.

Loving Father / Grandfather


"Brenda is equally as talented as she is caring. We met her at one of the Extravaganzas where she gave out free books and pizza (straight to my heart). My daughter instantly fell in love with the mascots, Ding Bat, Skipper and Bashful. She also enjoys listening to the CD with the stories.

I would like to add, my daughter was featured on a billboard in my home town, when Walgreens invited Brenda to be their spokeswoman for radio and television commercials while serving as the very first author, illustrator, musical producer and narrator of children's books in their stores. WOW! Unbelievably fun! 

Finally, I feel compelled to express, a couple of years ago when I was in college, Brenda donated some of her Dinamal stuffed animals that she created to go with her Dinamal book series, to make sure that my kids had presents under our Christmas tree! Like I said, equally as talented as caring! We are so lucky to have Brenda in our lives!"


Kelly Lutzow

​Office Manager

Single Mother

"My grandchildren and I love, LOVE your books! So very thoughtful and illustrated so beautifully. Thank you, Brenda!"

Matt Schmidt

Loving Grandfather

​"Brenda McGrath is a very talented woman. She understands the importance of easily decoded words for the younger set, while her illustrations and stories are so charming. As a result, they appeal to a much wider audience. Her work is both beautiful and polished, with recognition that there are several learning styles to appeal to. I am thoroughly impressed!"

Debbie Dillon

1st Grad Teacher & Educator / Arizona Charter Academy - Surprise, AZ

"Hey Buddy, Fly Away! This is MY Tree!! is another excellent addition to Brenda's magnificent book series! Beautifully written and illustrated, this audio book captures the imagination, while subtly imparting the elemental and moral building blocks of being polite and sharing. It is a valuable addition to any family's home library."

Robert Last

Golden Lamp Award Winner of Define Mind Educational Book Series

Producer of Motion Films - Denver, CO

"Ms. McGrath's stories encourage the reader to identify with the characters and to recognize the uniqueness and talents of every person. Her stories comfortably lend themselves to teacher-lead thought provoking discussions of the many sensitive issues facing our children today."

Rosalie B. Davis

4th Grad Teacher of 30 years - Joliet, IL

"Ms. McGrath continues to live up to the standard of excellence, and educational value of her already stunning catalogue. This is why I look forward to continue working with Brenda and her brilliantly written and illustrated pieces of work."

Ron Fleischer 

Director of Animated Cartoons and Films

Educator of Film and Video of Columbia College - Chicago, IL

"Ding Bat is an innovative book that captures the concerns every child can identify with. It also is a helpful tool for parents, educators and therapists to enhance discussion around these topics in a non-threatening manner."

Pamela Boreson

MA LCPC; Individual Child and Family Therapist - Naperville, IL

"Ding Bat is a beautiful lyrical book that helps give young children a quiet solution in their personal journey towards growing up. The color pencil drawings pull the reader right into the story. It's a visual treat!"

Lois Ostermann

Elementary School Teacher - Batavia, IL

"I love, Ow! Sang the Cow - Classical Mooosical Book! And I admire the morals it offers readers of all ages. It is clearly an ingenious contribution from Ms. McGrath, who has the unique gift of combining colorful characters, celebrities, musicians and beautiful music united in a heartwarming story of hopes and dreams that come true."

Jeffrey Biegel

Pianist & Composer

"I am glad to be in Brenda's book, Ow! Sang the Cow - Classical Mooosical Book, starring many talented people. Before I read Brenda's last book, Skipper the Wise Quacker, I think the last children's book I read to one of my daughters was, Winnie the Pooh. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that A.A. Milne was awfully sarcastic, worse than I am. But one thing is for certain, I do know Brenda loves children. She feels their pain and joy. And I am quite envious of her drawing ability. If I were to draw anything, it would look like oblivious scrawl. 

I look forward to being featured as 'Chit', the vicarious chipmunk in this musical book, and knowing it has been created for a tremendously great cause."

Bruce Wolf

Retired Talk Show Host AM/FM Chicagoland Radio