I have never charged money for a book signing!!

I believe in giving away your gifts and talents, 

while making money at the same time.

You must be generousbut

do not let people take advantage either!!

We can discuss this crucial

difference. It can either make or break you!!

Author / Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Narrator /

 Producer / Voice-over Artist /

Mother of four AND run my own show!! 

​​​​​​ I Art U, Inc. 

It is important to

give back to your community.

Not only does it show a kind heart to give when you can,

it allows you to see many smiles along the way!

I have been blessed to be able to donate 

to 1,000's of families throughout my career.

Free Extravaganza's!!:

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I also like to dabble in sculpting.

Check out my sculptures ranging from 25 pounds to 2,000 pounds!:

​​​​​​​​​Brenda McGrath

"A lifetime spent mastering the art of the Arts, for you!"