Some may say I have a generous side. I believe I was meant to give away my talents and skills. Not one time, have I ever charged for a book signing, or charity event. Speaking about my passion for life and artwork is an honor, not something I felt I should have been paid for. 

​​​​​​ I Art U, Inc.

Brenda McGrath 

I believe many of you have thought about becoming an Author, and/or a business owner at least one time in your life. I would like to share how I made that happen for myself,

and teach you how you can too!

Here are just some of my accomplishments as a single mother that I am proud to share.

I believe in giving back to the community, and have been blessed to be able to donate 

to 1,000's of families in different ways throughout my career. 

Free Extravaganza's:

Director-Graphic Design, Brand, Marketing and Advertising, Author, Illustrator, Voice-over Artist, Director-Producer Musical Soundtracks, Project Leader, Artist.

I have spent my entire adult life mastering the art of the Arts, for you!

My diversity is endless, and will never stop discovering new challenges to flourish.

Diversity has been a blessing for me.

Architecture and sculpting are other projects I like to take on. Designing my own homes and gardens were incredibly fulfilling. The experience has helped me help others decorate their homes and office space as well. 

Alabaster is one of the softest and most beautiful stones on earth. When carved and polished and in the sunlight, the finished piece looks like a million diamonds within. The sculptures are placed on mantles, walls, even outdoors in gardens.  

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I have always enjoyed drawing pictures for my friends and family.

My hobby is my work. My passions are my hobbies.